Single Mothers and Abortion – One Side of the Debate

There are more than a handful of people who argue that abortion is okay only in certain situations – when the birth could cause a health risk to the mother, if the unborn child has an extreme ailment that will affect its enjoyment of life, if the baby is a result of rape, and so on. While I completely agree that those are legitimate reasons to have an abortion, I also think that financial burdens are an extremely important factor. No matter how careful a couple is (and couples are generally careful – 51% of women who had abortions said they used a form of contraceptive), mistakes happen. Unfortunately, those mistakes are more difficult to deal with when the father of the baby leaves the woman and she is left on her own to decide what to do – a situation that happens often. In fact, half of women who had abortions cited either a troubled relationship or not wanting to be a single mother as the reason to abort the pregnancy. So to those people who want to make it illegal for that woman to have an abortion, I propose to you a point that someone made on Tumblr a while back:

Make it illegal for the baby’s father to leave.

The woman gets all the shit for having the abortion, but like I said earlier, in half the cases it’s because she has an unstable relationship and can’t afford nine months of OB/GYN visits and a massive hospital bill all on her own. A working single mother, on average, makes $10, 830 a year. Imagine raising a child on that income. The average cost of a non-hospital abortion in 2009 was $451 – a whole lot less than the $3,555 for the hospital stay to have the baby (and that doesn’t include prenatal care which can shoot the total cost up to $8,802). So if people want it to be illegal for a woman to get an abortion because she simply can’t afford to be pregnant, then send the police after the prick that left her that way and get the money out of his pathetic ass.

I have never had an abortion, nor have I been pregnant, so I can’t speak 100% certain on this, but I can’t imagine that discussing abortion is a pleasant time, especially when a woman has to do it alone, and especially when she gets harassed by crazies picketing outside Planned Parenthood clinics. If she wants an abortion, she should be able to safely get one. After all, she is choosing it because it is best decision for everyone involved. Like I said earlier – imagine raising a child on an income that is below poverty level.

Obviously not all guys are assholes and leave their wives or girlfriends once they become pregnant, but it is an important issue that plays a part in this massive, ever-growing abortion debate.


3 thoughts on “Single Mothers and Abortion – One Side of the Debate

  1. Very interesting point. Women are immediately judged by their decisions whether it is being pregnant and unable to support themselves or deciding that they would rather have an abortion, but no one is ever asking about the father. But none of that matters. What matters is that the women makes the right choice for her. Good article Angela

  2. I haven’t ever known anyone who was from a low income family that wished they had been aborted. I have a sister who had a baby young, and the father never bought a diaper to help out. There is assistance for people in that situation. Thank God she decided that even though it was going to be challenging, she wanted to give her son the best life possible. She couldn’t see into the future while she was pregnant. She couldn’t see that she would meet a man who loved Carson just as he was his own son, and would marry her and take fantastic care of them. For all she knew, she was going to go at it alone (with her family by her side, but ultimately alone). Good job Maggie for deciding that Carson’s life was worth more than another bill.

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