Incredibly Easy and Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps

I first encountered ground turkey when I was 16. My mom used it in her spaghetti and, discovering it looked different, I asked her what that light meat was. She told me it was ostrich. I believed her. Needless to say, I didn’t touch the stuff for another five years. It wasn’t until I was watching Biggest Loser that I encountered ground turkey once more. They were teaching contestants how to eat healthier and gave them a recipe for turkey lettuce wraps. The slightest mention of ground turkey took my attention away from the show and to the memory of the time I thought my mom was cooking ostrich meat. I missed the entire recipe. So I made up my own. It is pretty simple and great for anyone on a budget. It is also really good with tortilla chips if you aren’t counting calories. You’ll find the ingredients and recipe below.

WP_20140220_011 (1)

Here’s what you’ll need, but you can always add more to the filling (baby corn, bamboo shoots, yellow pepper, etc).


Chop your vegetables before you begin cooking. Ground turkey does not take long to cook.


Warning: Lettuce wraps can be messy!What you need:

–          One head of lettuce
–          One orange pepper, chopped
–          ½ cup green beans, chopped
–          ½ cup water chestnuts, chopped
–          ½ bottle of teriyaki sauce (or to taste)
–          1 lb. ground turkey (I like to use Jennie-O extra lean)

1)      Cook the turkey until it is no longer pink. Turkey will be very light tan to grayish.
2)      Add in pepper, green bean, and water chestnut. Cook for about one minute, then add the sauce.
3)      Lower heat to a simmer and cook until sauce is hot. Stir occasionally.
4)      Pile into Lettuce cup and bite in.


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