Volunteering in a Tropical Location

After announcing my retirement from my job after 23 wonderful years as the Assistant Director of Center Stage Dance Company my initial announcement was that I was going to teach dance to underprivileged children. I even went so far as to going to meet with the Peace Corps folks. Ultimately I changed the plan to volunteering in a tropical location.

My son is a kiteboarder who had wanted to go to this awesome kitecamp in Caberate Dominican Republic. He wanted to travel there when he was 17, I was actually going to let him travel there with his 18 year old sister as his guardian until my mother squelched that idea.


After researching places to volunteer I found this amazing event called Kiteboarding for Kids founded by Laurel Eastman of LEK Kites.

I told my kids about my idea and my son informed me that a kiteboarding event would not want someone my age, so I made him and my daughter volunteer as well.

Contact with Laurel Eastman and all of the KB4Kids team was effortless. I channeled all of the funds that would have been used giving me a retirement party and gifts to the event, had several garage sales and set off with my two favorite people in the world on an adventure.

The people of Caberate were amazing hosts and we will never forget our time there. We learned a lot about the world and ourselves.559241_3865417827571_379647980_n


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