Daddy and Mommy Blogs Need to Stop

I’m just going to say it – I can’t STAND parenting blogs. And I don’t mean the ones that are run by professionals and offer useful, relevant parenting advice. I’m talking about artsy “Mommy Blogs” and “Daddy Blogs” where they document their children’s lives for the world to see. For the love of god, someone tell me why ANYONE would want to read about some upper middle class rando’s J. Crew-covered kids and the whimsical adventures they go on everyday. It’s by far the most ridiculous thing to blog about. Here’s why I hate them:

1.)  How exciting is your 2-year-old’s life that you MUST document everything about it for everyone to see? Let me answer that for you: it’s not. All little children eat, sleep, cry, shit, and make funny faces – many of those happening at the same time. But who wants to read about it? Oh your son Lamborghini took his first dump today? Please, give me details. I’m dying to know more. I mean NEWSFLASH: other than DNA, not much separates your little nugget from the rest of them.

2.)  Fifteen years from now, how is girl-crazy Lamborghini going to like it when his lady friend Googles his name and reads about him making a turd for the first time? But hey, even that can’t ruin how great it felt when you got 50 comments on the post!

3.)  These blogs are a false perception of reality. Oh, you got all dolled up and went gallivanting through the outdoor fruit market with your baby? Good one. I don’t know about you all, but my parents never had the time or patience for that shit. I’m not a mother, but I know well enough that raising kids isn’t easy, and things like going to the store are more of a chore than a glorious celebration of life and nature. I mean, what are you trying to tell those working parents out there? “Hey! Look at how perfect I am! Don’t you wish you were me?!” Because that’s really all I’m getting from it, so…

4.)  Okay, so your kids are super adorable and people love “oooh-ing” and “ahhh-ing” over their pictures. Fine. But about that money you make: Are you putting some of that in their savings account, or does that all go right to you? I sincerely hope it’s not the latter. You wouldn’t pay the photographer at a photo shoot and not the model, would you?

5.)  And now for my biggest issue. With these blogs, you are exposing your children – who depend on you to keep them safe – to creeps and pedophiles who lurk online and might be getting off on the pictures you post. Not trying to be the negative Nancy here, but it’s the real world – nasty shit like that happens far too often. Many blogs even post their kids’ names, and in doing so, jeopardize their privacy even further. As far as I know, young kids don’t understand how dangerous the Internet can be, so it’s up to the parents to protect them. With these blogs though, I wonder how protected they really are. Hope the Internet fame was worth it.

Obviously there are some “Mommy Blogs” that are totally cool and post ways to be thrifty, how to coupon and simple ways to keep children amused. But others are really proving how self-obsessed people are, and that trend needs to die now.


One thought on “Daddy and Mommy Blogs Need to Stop

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Blogging and social media offer so many great opportunities to its users, but unfortunately most people use them in narcissistic ways. The publicity of it makes it easy to “one-up” everyone else, and it’s especially sad to see a mother or father do it at the expense of their own child. Not to mention, nobody cares about Lamborghini’s first dump in the first place!

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