What kind of 25-year-old needs a root canal?

Me: “What kind of 25-year-old needs a root canal?!”

Mom: “Well, in my day, they would have just pulled the tooth out and left you with a hole in your mouth.”

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A Throwback Thursday look at holidays, hangovers and high heels

As I approach my quarter-century birthday, I’ve spent some time reflecting on how I’ve gotten to this point in my life—and I’m astonished by how my own perspectives have changed since I was a kid. Here some examples of a few of those changes. Continue reading

5 things I learned from the Internet this week

The Internet is a wonderful place full of useful and useless information alike. Here are five things I learned from the Internet this week.

1. Things were really messed up at Lisa Frank, Inc. You know, the company that made plastic, see through backpacks and neon panda notebooks? According to Jezebel, this place had a pretty rough work environment—employees weren’t allowed to talk to one another and they had their phones illegally tapped. And Lisa’s husband was quite the piece of work, hooking up with his assistant and snorting lines Continue reading

TLC: More than Say Yes to the Dress

I have some serious issues with the concept of polygamy. Don’t get me wrong—I am generally a free spirit when it comes to religion and spirituality, and although there are very few exceptions, I am of the mind that what people do in the bedroom is their own business Continue reading

The difference between “fasjah” and “father”

I have a child. Specifically, a seven-year-old terrier mutt named Bix. He is my pride, joy, BFF, partner-in-crime, you name it. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am borderline obsessed with this creature and I won’t even deny it. I mean, how could you not be?

Bix, after a trip to the beauty parlor.

Bix, after a trip to the beauty parlor

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