Dear, 2004 misses you


I really miss you. I miss the days when we were young and being together relied on one thing: my enrollment in higher education. It wasn’t just any level of higher education either, it was only approved schools, and when you picked mine? I knew we’d be together for awhile. Continue reading

Gainfully Underemployed

There are many who would like to report that jobs are increasing, unemployment is going down, and this recession we’re in is nearing the end. Here, in the affluent area of Northern Colorado where the white man prevails, it took a long time for it to sink in. I stayed here after college because of that fact. Jobs in Colorado were thriving, and the local economy didn’t seem to be tanking so hard. But the bubble has burst and as much as the young professionals don’t seem to recognize, it sucks around here. Continue reading

Family Matters

I grew up in your traditional, dutiful, full-of-faith, midwestern family. We got together for holidays and traditions were observed. Everyone followed the rule of law (founded in the following belief systems: West Point, The Baptist Church, and Grandmother). We all ate our peas (well I refused and instead stored them in my cheeks), raised the flag, and spent as much time as possible together. My aunt receives most of this credit–regardless of where they were currently residing in the country, the 5 Whittington children would load up in whatever minivan they had that year, cross the country, and arrive at Fort Whittington Continue reading

The 2014 Olympic (Hunger) Games: “May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor”


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I spent my birthday weekend delving through the Hunger Games TrilogyLike most women, I enjoyed the role of Katniss as such a strong female, thought about the social implications of the control of the Gamemakers, and heeded the warning it gave to the rise of certain power.

Cut to preparation for this year’s Sochi Olympic games…a tradition of proving which country(read: district) is better than the other Continue reading