Incredibly Easy and Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps

I first encountered ground turkey when I was 16. My mom used it in her spaghetti and, discovering it looked different, I asked her what that light meat was. She told me it was ostrich. I believed her. Needless to say, I didn’t touch the stuff for another five years. It wasn’t until I was watching Biggest Loser that I encountered ground turkey once more. They were teaching contestants how to eat healthier and gave them a recipe for turkey lettuce wraps. The slightest mention of ground turkey took my attention away from the show and to the memory of the time I thought my mom was cooking ostrich meat. I missed the entire recipe. Continue reading


Dads, Daughters, and the Bachelor

I am ashamed to admit that I watch The Bachelor. Every season I promise myself that I won’t get sucked in and every season I find myself rolling my eyes at the girls and yelling at the bachelor for falling for the all the wrong women. I also promise myself that if I write a blog entry during a season of The Bachelor, I will never post anything about the show. Continue reading

Taxi Rides of Terror

When I lived in Philadelphia, it never failed to have the sketchiest drivers when I was in a situation that prevented me from getting out of the car. My first bad experience happened in 2007. Halfway into our ride, he decided to make conversation by asking me if I had ever been with a man of a different race and if I liked it. He went on to ask if I liked to get drunk and make out with men of different cultures, including his own Continue reading