One Lucky Chick Refuses to Tuck

In my previous post I listed the many service industry jobs that followed my retirement from Center Stage Dance Company where our uniform consisted of adorable t shirts – funky sweats and bare feet. From there I was introduced to the world of polyester khaki pants and polo shirts that have to be TUCKED IN. Continue reading

One Lucky Chick: Part 2

beckyA year ago on Valentines Day my divorce was final, it was as awful an experience as all divorces must be.  The lawyers doing the work they should have done 3 weeks prior in the hallway of the court room.  I was mad as a hatter, and MADE them finish and get this thing done.  The final QDRO I did myself – note to others you CAN file on your own. Continue reading

One Lucky Chick: Part One

It all started when I began to plan my funeral, I was obsessed with it. At first I wanted to have a festival, but then realized the cost would be too much. My daughter was going to make me into a necklace, which at the time I thought was to morbid, but now I kind of like. When inquiring about how my ex would react to my demise I should not have been surprised when his response was that “he would just step over me.” Continue reading

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